At a glance

Art Medical supports healthcare professionals in their daily efforts to improve the lives of their patients.
We do this by taking a pioneering approach to the design of our products and services.


Art Medicals offers innovative solutions to assist orthopedic surgeons in restoring the Emotion of Motion and Lead the industry in delivering value to patients .


Art Medical aspires to be the leading company in niche orthopedic markets to improve surgeon and patient experience, offering innovative, tailored solutions.

Our Values

Our values shape everything that we do as a business and form the basis of our relationships, and our approach to sustainable development .

Our Products

Three Main Factors Of Our Values


PERFORMANCE means being responsive to the needs of our customers, setting ourselves clear goals and standards and achieving them.


INNOVATION means taking a pioneering approach to our products and services, being energetic, creative and passionate about everything we do.


TRUST is something we understand that we have to earn. We earn it by being friendly, approachable and listening to our Customers.

Our Products 

HIP Prosthesis
Knee Prosthesis
Trauma Products
Bone Cements
Saw Blades Products
Surgical Instruments